Want to release your inner monster? Bring more WTFun to the world? Then come work for McMiLLER! As a queer-owned company, we'd love all gender identities, sexual orientations, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds to apply.


Calling all color-lovers!

PART TIME/FREELANCE 15 HOURS + A WEEK with room to grow as we do.
Pay range: £375-525 + /per week
Location: Remote - ideally UK based.

We’re in need of a wonderfully creative, highly-skilled graphic designer to help us bring more WTFun to the world.

Graphic design is one of the few things we take seriously. If an online ad, social media post, or product doesn’t stand out from the crowd, a customer is never going to click/like/buy. That’s why we are looking for someone with endless creativity, a sense of humor, and an unhealthy addiction to color.


McMiLLER is the brains behind Game For Fame (an Amazon best seller), Santa VS Jesus (the star of a small media storm on conservative news outlets in America), It’s Bananas (went viral on TikTok last month with 34 million views and is now completely sold out), and UpRoar (which is currently winning awards and hearts across the country).

Moving forward, McMiLLER wants all future products to be plastic-free, and is launching a series of games and toys that use alternative material choices, ensuring all future McMiLLER products are heavy on the laughs but light on the environment. We’re also about to launch an apparel line in 2022, so lot’s to keep us out of trouble.

As a queer-owned company, we'd love to encourage all gender identities, sexual orientations, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds to apply. We’d also encourage working parents to apply as the hours are flexible enough to work around school drop off/pick ups etc.


A Branding Master
With our Creative Director Dave (hi), you’ll be overseeing all McMiLLER visuals, both print and digital, making sure that they all feel like they are coming from the same voice and point of view. Someone who can easily match our fun style while keeping all graphic work consistent whether it’s social media posts, sales sheets, leaflets, artwork updates to current products, amazon product pages, building our amazon store, and marketing emails. At McMiller, we want each product to feel like it’s own brand. With this, you’ll have to jump from McMiLLER branding over to, say, UpRoar branding (our card game), so someone who is good at matching a variety of different styles and layouts without over-complicating or going off brand is ideal.

Someone Organized
With various little updates of each game each year, different language versions, and everything else you can think of, we need someone who can keep everything neat, organized, and all in one place. You’ll be our go to for a vector or pantone color or font or file, so knowing where everything is will be key.

A Creative, Problem-Solving Super Brain
As well as working on current games and our branding, you’ll also help the team with new games and toys. This will involve working together to find the right visual inspiration, throwing rough mock ups together for test plays, and searching online for specific artists who might be the right fit for each product. We’ve discovered over time that each product is its own vibe, so tends to need its own designer. So helping us narrow down on what it is we want, and searching for appropriate artists would be great.


Strong taste and design.
We’ll look at your portfolio/previous projects before we do anything else, so please include links to your website, behance, instagram etc. in your application.

Hard-core Adobe illustrator and Photoshop skills

Packaging experience
As a toy and game company, we’re dealing with materials and factories on a regular basis, so print background is must.

A sense of humor.
Life’s terrible without one.

Keen eye for detail.
Someone who triple checks every file before it goes to print.

Up to date on all trends and styles.
Exposure to new and fun ideas is one of our favourite parts of the job, so someone on the ball on all things trending in the design world would be ideal.

Illustration skills a bonus but not essential.
We have a freelance illustrator who can match the style of our McMiller monsters, so if illustration is not your thing don’t worry as we’ve got you covered. However, if this is something you have under your belt do let us know.

If this sounds like you, please email us your portfolio of work and CV. We promise to make the interview process as short as possible and if we need you to put together any mock-ups, we’ll pay you for your time.

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